Author Signings & Visits

Grab hold of this unique opportunity to work closely with children’s author (and practicing literacy specialist) Sandra K. Athans as she takes students, grades 4 – 8, on a breathless and unforgettable journey!

Using her well-known and highly acclaimed children’s books Tales from the Top of the World and Secrets of the Sky Caves, Sandra holds students spellbound as she shares real-life adventures of pursuit and discovery! Tales From the Top of the World documents her brother’s successful summits of Mt. Everest – seven in all – through stunning photographs and high-interest reading passages! Sky Caves highlights one of the most fascinating explorations and discoveries happening today.
Students in grades 4 – 8, will engage in …

• Nonfiction accounts of survival, rescue, adventure, and scientific discovery
• Informative quick-reads on the geography of the Himalaya, the Sherpa people, the region’s history, and the science of high-altitude climbing
• Facts and fiction surrounding the Yeti and other hard-to-believe mysteries
• Interviews with Pete Athans (a.k.a. Mr. Everest) and inspirational insights on his rise from an average kid to a world-class mountaineer
• Fascinating expedition accounts of Secret Sky Caves that contain ancient artifacts, human remains, and more!
As a long-time practicing 4th grade classroom teacher, Sandra has prepared materials to help:

•  Address the Common Core and other Standards with classroom-ready close reading materials
• Discover ways to address connections to the science and social studies curriculum
• Ignite students engagement and enthusiasm through multimedia presentations

• Keep it fun, informational, and packed with Wow-Appeal!

From the Top of the World, your reach for the perfect star-studded Author Visit is not so out of reach!

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